Zanies Rosemont :: Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Ron Hawking :: Show

A rare appearance at Zanies Rosemont from “Chicago’s Entertainer” Ron Hawking :: December 8th & 15th!

Buy tickets to see Ron at Zanies Rosemont

Buy Tickets to see Ron Hawking at Zanies Rosemont!

Chicago’s Entertainer, Ron Hawking, knows how to deliver a performance that truly comes from his heart. And, it’s that special quality of performance that allows him to touch the heart of his audience every time he walks onto the stage. Then, at any moment, he can seamlessly step in and out of any personality he chooses to portrays. Going well beyond simply creating an impersonation, Ron has an uncanny ability to reinterpret a song and redeliver it with the same vocal charm and charisma that made the original artists so beloved.